Free Texas Holdem! No buy-in's - completely Free! Players compete for points on a Monthly basis. 

Every Month the top 40 point leaders play in a tournament for Ca$h - $500!!   

Cash Tournament for Qualifiers!

                      Sunday                       Monday                Tuesday                Wednesday        Thursday            Friday                    Saturday

                     Overtime                                                  Spectator's               Spectator's         Spectator's         Overtime                          

                   4pm  & 7pm                                                      7pm                           7pm                      7pm                 7:30pm



LeaderBoard Season: Dec - Feb 2015 

 Player Standings - AS of Jan 30, 2015 

1Pitchford, Jim1067
2Costello, Mike865
3Steier, Larry772
4Hartlage, Shelley731
5Soeder, Lucy721
6Roth, Mary667
7Crank, Corey575
8Brasfield, Tyler564
9Turner, Blake537
10Steier, Margie517
11Wilson, Joann486
12Riddle, Jason472
13Foster, Del469
14Gordon, Fred457
15Settles, Mike428
16Wick, Steve372
17Shue, Rocky371
18Johnson, Paula352
19Hopkins, Donna327
20Brewer, Mike323
21Thompson, Misty320
22Gordon, Bill316
23Riddle, Kenny307
24Perry, Diane300
25Ogelsby, Missy290
26Powell, Tim288
27Schultz, Shawn286
28Edwards, Mike285
29Prater, Tim283
30Marshall, Benny278
31Carroll, Peggy246
32Goodman, Matt245
33Barnes, Thomas242
34Ervin, Chirs242
35Witt, Jr, Paul234
36Denkler, Nick229
37Bosley, Chuck227
38Schultz, Chris224
39Witt Sr, Paul219
40Black, Shelly210
41Devore, Kathy207
42Jones, Ernie201
43Cavanaugh, Mike196
44Thomas, Alex182
45Clark, Tammy160
46Stover, Bobby149
47Welch, Phillip147
48Potter, Mike137
49O'Keefe, Shane129
50Ward, Corey128
51Steier, John119
52Shrout, Mike114
53Ogelsby, Amanda112
54Gutknect, Travis110
55Priddy, Lloyd103
56Vincent, Jeff102
57Howard, Les96
58Buchholz, David93
59Wilson, Norma87
60Clyburn, Damon86
61Taylor, Jeremy84
62Bruck, Eric82
63Pecunia, Paul82
64Beck, Barry72
65Gee, Scott68
66Turner, Mike67
67Morgan, Blaine66
68Marshall, Kim63
69Deller, Chera62
70Witt, Mary58
71Marshall, Jason52
72Stayton, Juanita51
73Daugherty, Gil49
74Ables, Brandon46
75Noonan, Tom40
76Watts, James40
77Ashley, Dorothy39
78Richardson, Teresa39
79Tungate, Joshua36
80Vowels, Kristie36
81Tenney, Danielle34
82Watson, Clark34
83Chan, Jackie32
84Johns, Scott32
85Burkhart, Justin31
86Priddy, Mark31
87Kohn, Gerrald29
88Clyburn, Ray28
89Curtsinger, Casey27
90Ford, Edward26
91Passehl, Dino26
92Steele, Phillip26
93Tinsley, Gary26
94Fenwich, Michael25
95Stanley, Carl24
96Taylor, Lamont24
97Grasch, Bill22
98Howard, James21
99Muncy, Mike21
100Chamberlin, Jeff20
101Mack, William20
102Ratcliff, James20
103Heneisen, Doris17
104Staton, Sandy14
105Ledbetter, Josh13
106Durham, Andre12
107Stanley, Johnny12
108Garlock, Aaron11
109McConnell, Austin9
110Fryer, Ricky6
111Penick, Mike6
112Smith, Joey6
113Knight, Donna5
114Kerberg, Kandy4
115Williams, Jordan4
116Bray, Steven3
117Arnold, David2
118Curry, Paul2
119Durbin, Terry2
120Holland, Nancy2
121Roden, Bill2
122Byer, John1


Spectator's Sports Bar & Grill (502) 368-7650  5530 New Cut Rd, Louisville, Ky

Overtime (502)805-1167 307 Central Ave, Louisville, Ky

           *Les is always looking for new Venues - Any leads please call Les Howard (502) 517-6305***


Call Les Howard anytime to find a game!!

Owner:  Les Howard (502) 517-6305

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